Hustle from start to finish

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Wed Feb 01, 2023 3:50 pm

by unknown (if any of you know who originally wrote this feel free to chime in):


*Approach with a smile and touch his shoulder: "Hey handsome, how are you doing tonight?"

Continue with the usual small talk-- Introduce yourself, ask basic questions like What's your name? How was your weekend? Where are you from? What brings you in on a Monday night? (Say: "Well I'm glad you did come in tonight, it's nice talking with you!"), Do you come here a lot?, etc.

Your body language should incorporate all of these things in a short amount of time, you should try your best to close within 2-3 songs-- *Intense eye contact, say his name a lot, act fascinated, flirt by touching his arm/knee/hand, laugh like he's the funniest guy in the room, sincerely compliment him (his eyes, his suit, his watch, anything).

ASKING (but not really asking, more like demanding) A DANCE:
*Lean in and whisper* "Okay _(his name)_, I'm ready to get naked for you in private, let's go!"

--- OR ---

(I have been using this one lately and it works REALLY well for me)...

"Oooh do you like my new outfit, _(his name)_?"
*Wiggle to show it off*
(He will say yes.)
"Well, it looks even better on the floor / OR / off of me! Let's go get me naked in private!"

OR (Whichever you feel sexier saying)...

"Well, I look even better naked! Let's go!"


You should try to incorporate these "moves"-- *Tease by undressing in front of him and when it's time for you to take off your skirt/dress/thong (whatever) at the beginning of the song- bend over right in front of his face (facing away from him though) so he gets a nice view, eye contact, hair curtains, faux kiss (lean in and act like you're going to kiss him but fake him out), caress his jaw line, massage his neck and shoulders, run your finger nails on his chest and back, do heavy breathing and moan in his ear, blow in his ear, nuzzle his neck with your face, run your fingers through his scalp/hair. Move extremely slowly and sensually.

Make sure a few seconds before the song ends you do a particularly sexy move. This is the time when I only BEGIN grinding. (It makes it easier for you to sell another dance, duh!)


*Whisper/moan in his ear: "Oh _(his name)_, I'm having SO. MUCH. FUN. (emphasis on this part) dancing with you! Let's do another!" (*With intense eye contact and a nod at the same time).


After they say yes (and as the second song is starting, say this immediately)-- "So have you heard about our naughty rooms upstairs?" (It doesn't really matter if they say yes or no, lol).

Just continue saying: "We can have much more fun up there, I'm allowed to give much hotter dances completely nude, private nice room with two big comfy sofas just for us, with no interruptions, quiet, intimate... If you think you can handle me for a whole half hour!"

If they decline to upgrade, then just continue selling multiple lap dances.


*Hug them, Say: "Thank you _(his name)_, that'll be $XX, plus a nice tip if you a nice time with me!"


"Oh Santa! I've been a VERY naughty girl this year! Let me sit in your lap and show you!"
*Say it cutesy and with a wink*

"I think I know exactly what you want for Christmas!"
Pause for a second or 2... *Point to yourself*
"Let's go, you can get your present early this year!"

"Is that a candy cane in your pocket? Or are you just happy to see me?”